Experience is

the best teacher

Give your managers that extra edge with immersive, realistic

business simulations

Bizsim Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

Decision-making is never easy because there are so many different factors to consider. And that's before the competition even comes into the picture. Decisions that seem no-brainers might backfire; the old strategies may no longer be the secrets to success. So many options, and yet - in the real world - so little room for error!

Bizsim Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

But why should business learning be costly? What if we could create a virtual world that gave you the freedom to experiment? What if that virtual world could replicate the real one, right down to the smallest factors that managers have to deal with on a daily basis?

As the idea grew, so did the scope. We built Bizsim to handle multiple simulations, across industries and business models and complexities. We built it for corporates, for B-schools, for trainers.

We built it for you!

The Bizsim Advantage

Why choose Bizsim?

Customize our simulations as you see fit... after all, who knows your organization better?
Or get a tailor-made simulation commissioned exclusively for
your use
Complete solutions - it's not just the platform, we can get you the trainers too!

Bizsim Training Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Bengaluru, India
... but that doesn't stop us from travelling all over the country for our clients!
with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs,
Government of India

Experiential Learning

Is there a better way to learn?

We offer business simulations to businesses and business schools for training and assessment. These simulations are web-based, realistic, customizable and immersive.

Full-fledged Training Programmes

for that holistic experience!

We can also put together the entire training programme for you, the way you want it.

Bizsim is ideal for

Companies who want to assess their employees and/or equip them for greater responsibilities
Business Schools who want to give their student managers an even stronger foundation for their skills
Trainers who know that a good simulation is worth a thousand slides

Customized simulations

Unlike cookie-cutter business simulations, Bizsim allows you to tailor practically every aspect of the simulation you choose, right from the business model itself to the...

Schedules - duration of the entire training program, right down to each round of the exercise
Complexity of the model for each round
Metrics on which the participants will be measured
Grouping system for different batches/classes

And if you don't see a simulation that you can use, you can commission a

Custom Simulation

Bizsim will not use the simulation for anyone else without your permission
Fully functional
At par with other, existing Bizsim simulations
For each and every requirement of yours

Plans and Pricing

Bizsim Preview Bizsim Pro Pro + Trainer(s) Complete Solutions
Rounds Limited Custom
Schedule User-driven Custom
Competition AI Participants
Users One Multi-level
Trainers No provision Client Bizsim
Arrangements Not Applicable Client Bizsim
Pricing FREE! Variable

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